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Freedman Fellows Program 2012 - Application Information

The Freedman Fellows Program is actively seeking to partner with faculty who are interested in the type of scholarship that involves the use of digital tools or digital approaches to a set of materials.

In 2012, the Freedman Fellows Program will identify and support scholarly projects that meet all of the following conditions, i.e., the projects are: (1) currently underway, (2) involve some corpus of data that is of scholarly or instructional interest (e.g., data sets, digital texts, digital images, databases), (3) involve the use of digital tools and processes, and (4) have clearly articulated project outcomes.

Format of Proposal

Proposals may take any form, including direct answers to the questions as outlined, or take narrative form. Proposals shall not exceed three (3) pages and must include a 100-word abstract at the outset describing the project. If the project has a budget, that can be appended to the proposal and will not count against the three (3) page maximum.

Questions to Address/Criteria:

In addition to the four (4) conditions outlined in paragraph two above; to be successful, Freedman Fellows proposals should answer the questions below.

  1. Please describe your project.
  2. What is the relevance/impact of the project?
  3. Describe potential users and usage. How do you envision people interacting with the project outcome?
  4. Describe existing data for the project. In what form does this data exist? (On paper, in a Word document, in an Excel file, in some standard format, etc.)
  5. Describe the work that has already been done, if any.
  6. Are there existing digital projects (at CWRU or elsewhere) that this proposed project would complement?
  7. Other general comments, issues or concerns, such as project timeframe, and potential for sustainability into the future.
  8. Copyright / Intellectual Property: We require a statement to be included with each proposal regarding the status of materials used. Please refer to the copyright section of the FAQs.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Proposals are due Monday, April 2, 2012
  2. Proposals should be PDF documents
  3. Submit a completed Proposal & Copyright Permission Form
  4. Proposals should be submitted to
  5. Proposal submissions should include in the subject line: Freedman Fellows Proposal
  6. Awards will be announced no later than Friday, April 6, 2012

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