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Freedman Fellow -- Gorgia Cowart


I have also experimented with new teaching strategies that 1) transfer the art of multimedia presentation from the lecture hall to a seminar setting and 2) effect a full integration of multiple arts/humanities fields. These strategies stand to be powerfully enhanced through the integration of art, music, and theater/dance into multimedia presentations incorporating music and video. The Freedman Center Fellowship will allow more technological expertise in 1) developing my multimedia skills for the classroom and, 2) in cooperation with the Freedman Center and its personnel, sharing my technological knowledge with students and crafting a series of gradated assignments designed to build on that knowledge. (For example, instruction in PowerPoint presentations might begin with slides of art works, progressing later in the semester to the incorporation of music and video.) Finally (3), I would also like to develop an expertise in producing podcasts for use in my courses. More specifically, over the summer and the next academic year I would like to craft four multimedia podcasts that can be used, as a series or separately, in all four of the classes mentioned above. These would feature different aspects of my own interdisciplinary research, and would serve both as course content and models for audio-visual presentations. Tentative titles of the 4 podcasts are:

  • The Musical Theater in Watteau’s Paris
  • Watteau’s Isle of Love and the Theatrical Stage
  • Watteau, Louis XIV, and the Staging of Satire
  • Watteau, Venetian Carnival, and the Commedia dell’arte

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