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International Papers and Presentations

Come to the Freedman Center to type and edit papers and presentations in almost any language!


Multilingual Support In MS Office Applications

Each Freedman Center language learning workstation is equipped with the full suite of Microsoft Office applications, including MS Word and PowerPoint. These applications feature expanded language support in more than 37 languages, including spell checkers, grammar and style checkers, thesauri, and translation dictionaries! Visit our wiki page: Changing your input language in MS Office Applications for instructions on how to use these features.

Typing In Languages Other Than English

International Keyboards
The Freedman Center has Ababic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Japanese and Russian keyboards available for check out for use in the Freedman Center and KSL. To use them, simply plug them into a USB port on your computer. Please see our wiki page: Installing International Keyboards for instructions.

Typing In Languages Utilizing Non-Roman Writing Systems
To type in languages that use a non-Roman writing system, such as Chinese, Japanese, and Russian, you will need to change the input language (the language you'll be typing in), by changing the language on the workstation's Language Bar. The Language Bar is located at the lower right hand corner of the monitor, as seen here:


You can change the language by moving your mouse over the language currently selected, which will most likely be English, shown as EN. Click the left button on the mouse to reveal a list of possible languages. If you do not see the language you need, you will need to add it. Instructions for adding languages is provided in the Freedman Center wiki: Using the Language Bar.

Typing Special Characters
To type in languages using the Roman alphabet (e.g., English, French, and Spanish), make sure that the keyboard is set to United States - International. The Freedman Center staff can help you to get this set up, and you can also read the instructions on our wiki page: Typing Letters with Diacritical Marks and Other Special Characters. Download our handy reference chart of special characters  for quick typing.

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