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Online Placement Testing

Students with previous language experience who are enrolling in a French, German or Spanish course for the first time need to take a placement test to determine the course level at which they should start. These placement tests are available online through Brigham Young University's WebCAPE system. To take an online placement test, do the following.


  • Go to the Brigham Young WebCAPE site.
  • At the login page, enter spartans1 as the password.
  • After entering your password, select the test language on the next page.
  • On the next page, enter in all of the information requested of you. For the ID Number field, do not enter your Social Security number. Use your Case ID (i.e., abc123) instead.
  • Now proceed to take the test. After having completed it, you will receive information that will help you in determining which class to take. Both a numerical score and the corresponding class level in which you are suggested to enroll are displayed.
  • Your test information is stored online, allowing your teachers access to it and view your score at anytime. If you wish, however, you can print out a copy of your score information for your records.

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