The Freedman Center

Goods and Supplies

Goods and supplies such as CDs, DVDs, DV Tapes and flashdrives are the staples which are virtually required for project completion. For those who forget to bring them along, the Freedman Center has them available for purchase---though we still advise you to bring your own!

Supplies for Sale  

CD-R $1
DVD+R $2
MiniDV Tape $5
8"x10" Color Glossy Print $2 per page
8"x10" (20) Color Glossy Print, Print Cards $35
 8.5" Color Laser Print 25¢ per page
Poster Tube (36" or 42") $5
USB Flashdrive 4 GB for $7 or 16 GB for $20

 We accept cash, check, or CaseCase

For more information contact the Freedman Center at 216-368-0932 or by emailing

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