The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship

Training and Development

One of the most important and most challenging features of a service such as the Freedman Center is ensuring that all project possibilities that a faculty member, staff member, or student could desire to accomplish can be addressed by the staff of the center.  Further, it is the goal of the Freedman Center that a faculty member, student, or staff member can learn to do something such that they can come in at a future point and continue any project without the continual assistance of (or dependence on) Freedman Center staff.

To this end, all staff in the Freedman Center must endure a rigorous training regimen that takes them through every operational function that the Freedman Center offers, from its Multimedia equipment offerings to the Digital Library program support.  All equipment in the center must become familiar to the staff of the center as well as a majority of the software used.  Needless to say, a significant portion of staff time is spent in training and development.

To ensure a consistent flow of instructional information,  the Freedman Center provides easy, step-by-step online tutorials for some of the most commonly asked and performed functions.

Beyond this, however, it is important to note the significant support offered the CWRU community by the CaseLearns program, which offers instructional support and guidance in use of a majority of the software that is available to end-users in the Freedman Center.  For more information on the CaseLearns program, please continue on.

For further information on our tutorial and video training development, please check back throughout the coming year.

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