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5 Things You Should Know About KSL!

With a new semester underway, the experts at KSL have selected 5 things each for undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members to keep in mind about the library as you begin the academic year. Just click on the arrows below to view the KSL services and resources that can make your life a little easier this year!

If You're an Undergraduate Student...

<b>24x7 Access</b><br>KSL is open to CWRU students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when classes are in session. To accommodate busy schedules and diverse study needs, the library's self-check out services, computers and study spaces remain available around the clock. Need a ride after a long study session? An evening shuttle stop located directly outside the front entrance of KSL has late pick up hours. View shuttle schedule at <a href='http://www.case.edu/accessservices/evening_shuttle.html' target='_blank'>http://www.case.edu/accessservices/<br>evening_shuttle.html</a> <b>Personal Librarian Program</b><br>KSL assigns a Personal Librarian (PL) to every first-year student as a go-to source for all things library related. You can contact your PL at any time to help you navigate the vast resources Kelvin Smith Library has to offer including, journals, databases, printing services, technology lending, software, and library room reservations. . Find your PL at: <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/personallibrarian/' target='_blank'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/<br>personallibrarian/</a> <b>Laptop Checkout & Equipment Loan</b><br> Located on KSL's first floor near the Service Center, a laptop vending kiosk is available to you 24x7 to check out Dell or Mac laptops for in-building use up to 3 hours. In need of other multimedia equipment? Our display counter is there for you to view and test equipment before deciding which items to borrow from the Service Center.  View equipment list and loan information at:   <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/circulation/equipment/' target='_blank'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/<br>circulation/equipment/</a> <b>Group Collaboration Rooms</b><br>Working on a group project? KSL's collaboration rooms offer the perfect environment for collaborative work. Available for checkout 24x7, our collab rooms let you hook up your laptop to a wall-mounted 42" LED TV so your project can be easily viewed by everyone. Whiteboards for taking notes or getting creative are also in each room. Make your reservation at: <a href="http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/circulation/collaborationrooms/" target="_blank">http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/<br>circulation/collaborationrooms/</a> <b>The Freedman Center Poster Printing</b><br/>Need a flyer, photo, or poster printed? The Freedman Center's large format printer can be used for research posters, artwork, photography, signage, maps and personal projects of up to 42in. Find printing specifications at: <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/freedmancenter/poster/'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/freedmancenter/poster/

If You're a Graduate Student...

<b>Research Commons</b><br> Located on KSL's second floor, the Research Commons is a study area reserved for graduate students and faculty only. Whether you need a place to collaborate with a small group or just a quiet space to think, a quick scan of your CWRU ID will grant you access to enjoy the room's comfortable furniture, natural light and whiteboards. <b>Extended Loan Periods</b><br> Graduate students may borrow KSL print materials for the duration of one entire semester (fall, spring, summer session) until a fixed due date. The graduate student semester loan agreement also allows for one online renewal. All loans are subject to recall anytime. For more information, please contact staff at the Service Center at 216.368.3506. <b>Poster Printing</b><br> Need to print a research poster? The Freedman Center's large format printer can be used for research posters, artwork, photography, signage, maps and personal projects of up to 42in. To schedule an appointment or drop-off, visit  <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/freedmancenter/poster/' target='_blank'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/<br>freedmancenter/poster/</a> <b>Graduate Study Carrels</b><br> Graduate students from the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management are eligible to apply for a study carrel at KSL for an entire academic year, including the summer. These quiet spaces provide the opportunity to store and use personal research items in tandem with library materials. For more information and to apply for a carrel, visit <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/facilities/carrels/studentcarrels.html' target='_blank'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/facilities/<br>carrels/studentcarrels.html</a> <b>Personalized Research Services</b><br> Kelvin Smith Library's Research Service Librarians are dedicated to assisting you with your research needs. Schedule an appointment to meet or have a phone chat about how we can assist you in your classes and research. Contact us anytime: <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/research/rsl/' target='_blank'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/<br>research/rsl/</a>

If You're a Faculty Member...

<b>Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship</b><br>The Freedman Center is KSL's printing, multimedia and digitization destination. Need access to multimedia software? Our computer stations are equipped with the full Adobe creative suite and our CaseLearns classes can get your started. Need help with digital humanities projects, data management or other digital scholarship resources? Just set up a consultation with our librarians! Do you have slides, VHS tapes or other materials you need to digitize? The Freedman Center staff can show you how! Contact us today at <a href='mailto:freedmancenter@case.edu'>freedmancenter@case.edu</a> <b>Custom Research Solutions</b><br> Each academic department is assigned a specialized Research Services Librarian who is the main liaison between the library and the department's research and teaching needs. Kelvin Smith Library's collections are customized based on faculty feedback as we continually evaluate how we can provide better support, tools and resources. Visit http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/research/rsl/ today to let us know your thoughts. <b>Special Collections</b><br> KSL's special collections hold limitless potential for teaching and research - where else can you handle a medieval manuscript or write a paper using a rare, one-of-a-kind handwritten document? Whatever your teaching needs may be, librarians and archivists at KSL will design unique, hands-on instruction sessions for individual classes. Get started today by contacting <a href='mailto:kslspecialcollections@case.edu'>kslspecialcollections@case.edu</a> <b>OhioLINK Delivery</b><br> Did you know that KSL will deliver physical materials borrowed from OhioLINK and Interlibrary Loan to a secured location designated within departmental offices? This service is offered to academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering, and Weatherhead School of Management. Delivery will occur five days per week, usually within one business day, after KSL receipt. To view requirements and guidelines and opt in to this service:<a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/circulation/ohiolinkdelivery/' target='_blank'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/ <br /> services/circulation/ohiolinkdelivery/</a> <b>Curriculum Support  </b><br> Each academic department is assigned a specialized Research Services Librarian designated to both provide resource and research guidance for faculty as they prepare for the upcoming semester and suport the CWRU community in the development in information literacy. Contact your Research Services Librarian for more information on how we can support your work: <a href='http://library.case.edu/ksl/services/research/rsl/'>http://library.case.edu/ksl/ <br />services/research/rsl/</a>

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