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KSL Alumni Card

If you live in Ohio or visit campus you may wish to receive a KSL Alumni card.  The application is available online. Just fill it out and mail it or bring it with proof of alumni status to the main desk at Kelvin Smith Library. You will be issued an alumni library card at no charge.

Alumni card benefits :

  • Borrow materials from circulating collections at the Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) and the Harris Library at the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences (MSASS).
  • Use your online library account to keep track of your materials & renew online. Loan privileges and policies are the same for alumni as they are for currently enrolled & employed university individuals.
  • Order  directly from the 89 OhioLINK libraries & SearchOhio public libraries. Alumni cards give you up to 5 concurrent OhioLINK transactions.
  • Interlibrary loan - Request articles from the Kelvin Smith Library collections.  Logon to the ILLiad system & set up a First Time User alumni profile. E-mail alerts notify you when the article is available. 
  • Freedman Center is a full-service multimedia center. It offers an array of services to alumni, including access to hardware and software tools, including video and audio capture and conversion, video and audio editing and authoring, and a full suite of tools for creating web pages and websites, animation, recording podcasts or voice, as well as tools for self-directed language learning. 
  • Don’t want to do it yourself? The Freedman Center also offers an array of Premium Services for a minimal fee. These include 8mm and 16mm film conversion, slide scanning, photo printing, and large item scanning (including paintings, maps, and blueprints). See their website for more information at: http://library.case.edu/ksl/freedmancenter/
  • Take CaseLearns Classes.  Alumni card holders can also take CaseLearns classes on topics like the principles of digital imaging, digital video and audio, web design, using geospatial data and statistics and more. You may view each semester’s schedule and register online at: http://library.case.edu/caselearns/

Speaker Graphic Testimonials

Valuable tools to do research on business information, history, leisure topics, science and technology advancements. It is convenient and available any time, anywhere - Wong ('85)

This service has allowed me to remain up to date on the latest thinking in business and has kept me linked to the University in a fashion that no other alumni service has - Franklin ('01)

Primary draw for me of the KSL Alum membership is access to full-text journals (as many as possible!). Without a university affiliation, it's exorbitantly expensive to keep up with the journals in my field - Frost ('08)

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