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Case Faculty Borrowing Privileges

Your Case ID card is your library card at the libraries of Case. Simply present your current Case ID card to visit and check out materials! Case libraries, like many other campus buildings, also use card readers in the evening - swipe your ID in the readers at the main door or garage entrance at KSL. Hours vary widely amongst the libraries of Case - call 216-368-6500 for KSL hours, and call to verify hours when visiting other campus libraries.

With your Case ID & your library account in good standing, visit and directly borrow materials from:

**Gund Library (CIA)

Our affiliate Libraries (CIA) share their collections on the Case Catalog. OhioLINK considers them to be part of the Case collections, so they cannot be requested on OhioLINK since it's not possible to "request" your own collections. You can visit each library (or any OhioLINK library) & borrow materials with your Case ID card. 

OhioLINK & SearchOhio Libraries

Borrow directly, online: search & "request" materials from the 50-million item OhioLINK Central Catalog, for delivery to the library of your choice. Use OhioLINK when Case materials are checked out or not owned by Case or our affiliate library CIA. Delivery generally takes from 4-5 weekdays days from this award-winning state academic consortium that now includes two public libraries.

From the OhioLINK Central Catalog, search for an item and see if one of the 19 public libraries in the SearchOhio group has what you need. Request it online if they do, and choose a pickup library location, just like OhioLINK items. SearchOhio books can be borrowed for 21 days & can be renewed up to 3 times (OhioLINK items can be renewed up to 4 times.)

KSL also partners with the Cleveland Public Library for CPL@Case-KSL, a browsing collection of best-sellers, audiobooks, and magazines & more that circulates with a CPL library card. Read more about how to get a card to borrow from this collection on KSL's main floor.

Faculty Loan Periods & Renewals

Case faculty may borrow monographs from KSL and the Law Library with 1 year, fixed due date that facilitates your extensive research. (Other Case Libraries, Affiliates, and OhioLINK materials have standard 21-day plus up to 4 renewals.) The faculty due date is the first day of Spring Semester final exams according to the academic calendar. If you are contract staff or adjunct, we will need to manually enter you into the system—please contact smithcontact@case.edu and we will enter you into the system.

  • Faculty due date for Case KSL & Law books: May 2, 2013 with 1 renewal of one year.
  • Regular circulating materials from Case libraries: 21 days, up to 4 renewals of 21 days each
  • Videos & DVDs: 7 days, no renewal. Read more about media & the QuickList search function!
  • Wireless iBook laptops at the KSL Freedman Center: 3 hours, no renewal
  • OhioLINK loans: 42 days plus up to 6 renewals of 42 days
  • OhioLINK media: 7 days plust up to 3 renewals

Pilot Project:

Faculty Borrowing Policy for Non-Circulating Books & Bound Journals

Since December 2008, to accomodate faculty research, KSL has been pleased to be able to check out fragile, rare, or otherwise non-circulating materials from KSL. These items will require a quick re-processing to accommodate circulation—request them via a convenient online form. Books requested in this manner will circulate as other books do, for one year plus one renewal of another year. Journals that are requested & barcoded for borrowing will circulate for 30 days.


Materials are always subject to immediate recall for Course Reserves, and an email notice is sent if the item you have is needed for KSL Reserves. OhioLINK items may also be recalled at any time to the owning library's Reserves, but you can order a new copy from another institution. KSL recalls for Reserve, and asks others to use OhioLINK with it's multiple renewals if the Case copy is checked out. Occasionally, KSL will recall a Case item for Case researchers if no OhioLINK copies are available and you've had the item for 21 days.

Fines & Fees

Fines and replacement fees vary for Case & OhioLINK items, and are the same for all borrowers. At Case, all borrowers are fully responsible for returning or self-renewing materials on time, and for the payment of late fines and replacement fees. Fines on your library account can prevent local, OhioLINK borrowing and ILLiad services.

Email courtesy reminders can help you manage borrowed materials and keep your account in good standing. Library staff is always happy to help keep your account in good standing since seriously delinquent accounts are sent to a collection agency (July 1,2006) for resolution. Let us be your first & last point of resolution, we're glad to assist. 

Renew Your Books Online @ Your Library Account

Renew books without coming into the Library! Select View Your Library Record from the Case Catalog, on any campus computer or home computer with internet access. Use your Case network ID/password & login to your library account to renew books, avoid late fines and fees, and track OhioLINK ordered items.

Your PIN Gives You OhioLINK Access, Wherever You Travel...

Library staff can insert a PIN in your library account. When you aren't using your own computer, you can use  your library PIN for remote access to OhioLINK journals and databases--simply logon to the OhioLINK homepage and follow the screen prompts and enter your PIN, and enjoy 2 hours (renewable) of software-free access to OhioLINK licensed information resources. It's a great way to stay connected when you're away from campus or your own computer!

Staff initially assigns a PIN for you. Read more about PIN set up & privileges.

General questions may be directed to the Kelvin Smith Library Main Service Desk 216-368-3506 or the Contact Us link on the library website.

Services FAQ

Can I print at KSL? What does it cost & how do I pay?
KSL computers link to 2 high speed, high volume printers. All printing costs 5 cents a page, and you can pay with with your CaseOneCard, coin, $1 or $5 bills. Printers are on the main floor and second floor, across from the elevators.  For locations, check our Maps.
Can I photocopy at KSL? What does it cost & how do I pay?
KSL photocopiers are on the main floor, third floor, and Lower Level, so you can photocopy books and journals. Copies cost ten cents a page on digital copiers, and you can pay with your CaseOneCard, coin, $1 or $5 bills.  For locations, check our Maps.
How do I know what's new and what new books there are?
Read the KSL News Blog for events, services, tools & more, that help you do research. Find it on the library homepage. New Books can either be an RSS alert for your subject area or you can browse the New Books Display on the 1st floor of the Kelvin Smith Library.
Where do I get change? / Is there a Change machine?
Use your ID as your cash, not coins & bills. KSL does not give change & asks you to plan ahead for printing and copying. The copiers & printers take $1 & $5 bills and coins, and will give change for a copy/print when there is suffficient change in the machine. Plan ahead! Activate your CaseOneCard ID if you are a staff member, faculty, or grad student.
Where are the Bathrooms?
KSL bathrooms are on all floors, always behind the elevators.  Check our  for more information.
How do I get a library card?
Your Case ID is your library card if you are enrolled or employed at Case. The first time you use it, staff will swipe it on a library computer to activate your library account and then you can use your ID at any Case library or OhioLINK member library, if your account is in good standing.
Is there a book drop? Is there a drive-up book drop?
KSL has a book drop in the front of the building, under the covered portico, on the Thwing Center side of the Main Doors. Currently, there is no drive-up book drop. The KSL bookdrop is open when there are no Regular Business Hours–when KSL is open, bring your items to the inside book drops. Videos & DVDs must be returned to staff at the Main Service Desk so the are not damaged in bookdrops.
Can I fax something at KSL?
KSL does not have fax services but Thwing Center, next door, does in Printing Services. Stop in weekdays 8-5:30 p.m. for information about fees, etc.
Does KSL have a SelfCheckout Machine? When can I use it?
KSL’s 3M SelfCheckout machine is on the Main Service Desk and can be used whenever you are in KSL! (You must have used your Case ID card at least once before at a Case library for a regular checkout with staff, so your ID data is swiped into the system.) Use SelfCheckout during 24×7, or whenever you need to save time.
Can I checkout the CPL@Case-KSL books and magazines on the KSL SelfCheckout?
Use the CPL SelfCheckout machine nearby the CPL@Case-KSL collections, with your CPL library card. The KSL SelfCheckout machine reads only Case ID cards and Case barcodes.

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