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Renew Online @ My Library Account

Avoid fines by renewing library materials online from the Case Catalog at My Library Account. Case faculty, staff and students, login with your Case Network ID and password (affiliates & guests - login with your library identification). From My Library Account, you may also track OhioLINK requests and more.

Courtesy email notices, sent to your Case email address, help you keep your account in good standing. However, the Library is not responsible for late or non-receipt of overdue notices - all Case borrowers are responsible for due dates, and for paying overdue and replacement fines. Delinquent accounts may be sent to collections after 30 days.

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines apply to all borrowers, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other university affiliates. Note: Reserves, recalled items, laptops, bound journals, and special items may have different loan periods and fines.

  • $0.25/day/item for most circulating Case items
  • Videos/DVDs: $5.00/day/item
  • Recalled items: $1.00/day/item
  • OhioLINK books: $0.50/day/item
    • For OhioLINK books, at 30 days when the maximum overdue fine of $15.00 is reached, a $35.00 processing fee is automatically added on for a total of $50.00 and the item is billed for the standard replacement bill of $125.00. If returned before the bill is paid, only $50.00 in charges will be owed.
    • Please note: OhioLINK is not a substitute for required textbooks. The spirit of OhioLINK resource sharing requires honoring consortium policies.

Replacement Fees

Replacement copies are not accepted by the library in lieu of the replacement fee. The library reserves the right to determine which copy or title is appropriate in the case of a lost or irreparably damaged item. We always encourage you to contact KSL and look again for a missing item, so that replacement fees are not needed. Bills, once paid, may not be refunded.

  • Case books: $110.00 per item
  • OhioLINK items: $125.00 per item

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

KSL, OhioLINK, Interlibrary Loan, and Freedman Center services are suspended if account fines total over $15.00, or when items have been billed. At this time all library fines and fees may be paid by Case Cash, Cash or Personal Check. Library privileges may be restored immediately by paying in person.

General questions may be directed to the Kelvin Smith Library Service Center at 216-368-3506 or the Contact Us links on the library website.

Services FAQ

Can I print at KSL? What does it cost & how do I pay?
KSL computers link to 2 high speed, high volume printers. All printing costs 5 cents a page, and you can pay with with your CaseOneCard, coin, $1 or $5 bills. Printers are on the main floor and second floor, across from the elevators.  For locations, check our Maps.
Can I photocopy at KSL? What does it cost & how do I pay?
KSL photocopiers are on the main floor, third floor, and Lower Level, so you can photocopy books and journals. Copies cost ten cents a page on digital copiers, and you can pay with your CaseOneCard, coin, $1 or $5 bills.  For locations, check our Maps.
How do I know what's new and what new books there are?
Read the KSL News Blog for events, services, tools & more, that help you do research. Find it on the library homepage. New Books can either be an RSS alert for your subject area or you can browse the New Books Display on the 1st floor of the Kelvin Smith Library.
Where do I get change? / Is there a Change machine?
Use your ID as your cash, not coins & bills. KSL does not give change & asks you to plan ahead for printing and copying. The copiers & printers take $1 & $5 bills and coins, and will give change for a copy/print when there is suffficient change in the machine. Plan ahead! Activate your CaseOneCard ID if you are a staff member, faculty, or grad student.
Where are the Bathrooms?
KSL bathrooms are on all floors, always behind the elevators.  Check our  for more information.
How do I get a library card?
Your Case ID is your library card if you are enrolled or employed at Case. The first time you use it, staff will swipe it on a library computer to activate your library account and then you can use your ID at any Case library or OhioLINK member library, if your account is in good standing.
Is there a book drop? Is there a drive-up book drop?
KSL has a book drop in the front of the building, under the covered portico, on the Thwing Center side of the Main Doors. Currently, there is no drive-up book drop. The KSL bookdrop is open when there are no Regular Business Hours–when KSL is open, bring your items to the inside book drops. Videos & DVDs must be returned to staff at the Main Service Desk so the are not damaged in bookdrops.
Can I fax something at KSL?
KSL does not have fax services but Thwing Center, next door, does in Printing Services. Stop in weekdays 8-5:30 p.m. for information about fees, etc.
Does KSL have a SelfCheckout Machine? When can I use it?
KSL’s 3M SelfCheckout machine is on the Main Service Desk and can be used whenever you are in KSL! (You must have used your Case ID card at least once before at a Case library for a regular checkout with staff, so your ID data is swiped into the system.) Use SelfCheckout during 24×7, or whenever you need to save time.
Can I checkout the CPL@Case-KSL books and magazines on the KSL SelfCheckout?
Use the CPL SelfCheckout machine nearby the CPL@Case-KSL collections, with your CPL library card. The KSL SelfCheckout machine reads only Case ID cards and Case barcodes.

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