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OhioLINK and Interlibrary Loan Department Office Delivery

As part of our continued efforts to provide high quality and more convenient services for our faculty, Kelvin Smith Library (KSL) is offering a new service to academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management.  We are now prepared to deliver physical materials borrowed from OhioLINK and Interlibrary Loan to a secured location designated within your departmental office.  Delivery will occur five days per week, usually within one business day, after KSL receipt.

If your department chooses to opt in for this service, the following GUIDELINES you must agree to the following guidelines:

  • Deliveries will be made daily, Monday-Friday, except on university holidays, winter and spring breaks, and during a specified time window.
  • The department must identify a secure location for materials to be delivered.  This location must be available for deliveries weekdays during normal business hours.  KSL will work with your department to determine in advance the regular delivery schedule.  The faculty member will receive an email notification that the materials have arrived, and unless otherwise noted, the materials will be delivered to the department office.
  • Once delivered, the department will take full responsibility for the materials delivered, e.g., to ensure against damage or loss.  The library cannot subsidize any loss that might occur once books are delivered to a departmental office.  Any charges for lost or damaged items will be billed directly to the individual faculty member.
  • Each faculty member within the department must declare in advance whether or not she or he wants to have OhioLINK books delivered to the academic department service or if the faculty member prefers to continue to pick up the books at the library.  This choice will be for all items (e.g., a faculty member cannot choose to have some delivered and some picked up).   If the choice is to have materials delivered, this will authorize library staff to check out loaned materials to the faculty member’s library account.
  • Any materials (both OhioLINK and Interlibrary Loan) lent by another library that are designated at “restricted, building-use only” will be unavailable for campus delivery and must be used at KSL.
  • This service is available at this time only for faculty materials in the College of Arts and Sciences, Case School of Engineering and Weatherhead School of Management.  KSL-owned items will continue to be checked-out in person at KSL or by the faculty member's previously designated representative, such as a graduate teaching assistant. (Contact the KSL service center at 368-3506 for more information about setting up a designated representative.)

Please let us know if you are interested in having this service provided for your department.  

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Services FAQ

Can I print at KSL? What does it cost & how do I pay?
KSL computers link to 2 high speed, high volume printers. All printing costs 5 cents a page, and you can pay with with your CaseOneCard, coin, $1 or $5 bills. Printers are on the main floor and second floor, across from the elevators.  For locations, check our Maps.
Can I photocopy at KSL? What does it cost & how do I pay?
KSL photocopiers are on the main floor, third floor, and Lower Level, so you can photocopy books and journals. Copies cost ten cents a page on digital copiers, and you can pay with your CaseOneCard, coin, $1 or $5 bills.  For locations, check our Maps.
How do I know what's new and what new books there are?
Read the KSL News Blog for events, services, tools & more, that help you do research. Find it on the library homepage. New Books can either be an RSS alert for your subject area or you can browse the New Books Display on the 1st floor of the Kelvin Smith Library.
Where do I get change? / Is there a Change machine?
Use your ID as your cash, not coins & bills. KSL does not give change & asks you to plan ahead for printing and copying. The copiers & printers take $1 & $5 bills and coins, and will give change for a copy/print when there is suffficient change in the machine. Plan ahead! Activate your CaseOneCard ID if you are a staff member, faculty, or grad student.
Where are the Bathrooms?
KSL bathrooms are on all floors, always behind the elevators.  Check our  for more information.
How do I get a library card?
Your Case ID is your library card if you are enrolled or employed at Case. The first time you use it, staff will swipe it on a library computer to activate your library account and then you can use your ID at any Case library or OhioLINK member library, if your account is in good standing.
Is there a book drop? Is there a drive-up book drop?
KSL has a book drop in the front of the building, under the covered portico, on the Thwing Center side of the Main Doors. Currently, there is no drive-up book drop. The KSL bookdrop is open when there are no Regular Business Hours–when KSL is open, bring your items to the inside book drops. Videos & DVDs must be returned to staff at the Main Service Desk so the are not damaged in bookdrops.
Can I fax something at KSL?
KSL does not have fax services but Thwing Center, next door, does in Printing Services. Stop in weekdays 8-5:30 p.m. for information about fees, etc.
Does KSL have a SelfCheckout Machine? When can I use it?
KSL’s 3M SelfCheckout machine is on the Main Service Desk and can be used whenever you are in KSL! (You must have used your Case ID card at least once before at a Case library for a regular checkout with staff, so your ID data is swiped into the system.) Use SelfCheckout during 24×7, or whenever you need to save time.
Can I checkout the CPL@Case-KSL books and magazines on the KSL SelfCheckout?
Use the CPL SelfCheckout machine nearby the CPL@Case-KSL collections, with your CPL library card. The KSL SelfCheckout machine reads only Case ID cards and Case barcodes.

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