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SAGES USNA 204 Evolution of Scientific Ideas

Library Research Assignment Freshmen Level


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This assignment should take approximately one hour to complete. If you experience difficulty finishing the questions, please ask for help. You can contact the science or social science reference librarians, or the KSL Reference desk.

1. The American philosopher and historian of science, Thomas S. Kuhn (1922-1996), studied the nature of scientific theories and how they change over time. Using the KSL library catalog, EuclidPlus, find one book written by Kuhn and one book written about him. In the space below provide information on the title, call number, location, and availability for each of the two books you select.

Title------------------------------Call Number------------------Location/Availability


2. This time, use OhioLink for a search. Find one book about Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) and his revolutionary theories of astronomy. Limit your search to books published in English within the last twenty years. Select one that is NOT available through KSL.

1. What is the title, location, and call number for this book?

2. Would this book be available for you to order from OhioLink if you needed it for a research project?

3. How soon could you pick up this book from the KSL circulation desk?

3. Suppose you decide to write a paper on Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) and his central role in the Chemical Revolution of the 18th century. You first consult the printed reference sources available on the second floor of KSL. Looking in the Dictionary of Scientific Biography, you find an entry for Lavoisier and a bibliography of books and articles about him. Pick one article from the bibliography that was published before 1980 and see if you can find it in KSL.

1. Is the journal and volume number that you need available in the KSL library or the University Library Remote Storage facility?

2. If the journal volume is not available on campus, how could you obtain a copy of the article from some other source? How long would it take for the copy to arrive at KSL?

3. How would you determine if a full-text copy of the article is available online?

4. You can find scholarly, magazine, and newspaper articles on several subjects in a database called Academic Search Premier. perform a search in this database for articles on the history of the Manhattan Project.

1. Limiting your search to magazines, find one article and provide a full citation reference that includes the author(s), article title, magazine title, year, volume, and page numbers.

2. Is this article available online in a full text version?

3. Using OhioLink, can you find an online or print copy of this article at Case or another institution?

5. The American Periodical Series database archives page images from over one thousand popular and scholarly journals and magazines from the 18th and 19th centuries. Using this database locate a review of Charles Darwins book, The Origin of Species, that begins with the title words Review of Darwins Theory. Limit this search to between 1859 and 1865.

1. Is there any indication of who wrote this review article?

2. Give the full citation for the article.

3. Is the journal for this article available from KSL or another OhioLink library?

4. Can you retrieve a full text copy of the article from the APS website?

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