Author's Copyright Contract Addendum — Retain Your Rights

An Author Addendum document can be attached to a publisher contract when you want to retain specific rights for professional use. You can list shared (non-exclusive rights) instead of signing them away in a standard publisher contract. The Addendum document brings new flexibility and the ability to negotiate to the publishing process.

Used to secure digital retention for your institution, for practical rights for use in scholarly and professional activities, and more, the addendum agreement generally prevails if the standard publisher contract and your addendum are in conflict on any specific right. Academic institutions have begun to adopt author addendum documents, and several are included here as examples:

Word Doc

Case has an Author Addendum that lists increased post-publication usage rights for teaching & sharing, and also provide for inclusion of your work in Digital Case, the university insitutional repository.


SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition), of which Case is a member,  has been a catalyst for change in scholarly communication and publication. SPARC has publishing news, author's resources, and a helpful brochure on Author's Rights, as well as an Author Addendum .


CIC Provosts (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) have publicly committed to a "sustainable publication process" while encouraging retention of author copyrights. Their Scholarly Communication Introduction has a sample addendum and contract language, and other supporting articles.


Other Initiatives for Alternative Copyrights

In recent years, the Creative Commons has become more prominent, and you'll see many digital documents and websites that display Creative Commons logos.

Founded in 2001, Creative Commons freely provides various copyright licenses and sample license agreements that you can assign to your work. Learn about CC licenses for both scholarly and commercial works, case studies, shared works, events, and more.

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