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We Can Help You...

Various people at KSL and on campus can help you with issues about copyrights, authors' rights, and more.

Copyright & Authors' Rights

  • Copyright@Case has more information on teaching and working with copyrighted works, including applying the Fair Use Doctrine of The Copyright Act, and there is personalized help and classes for it.
  • Questions are also welcome about Authors' Rights—retaining your rights, plus talking points with your publishers, and more.

Karen Oye, Head of Customer Services, Kelvin Smith Library
karen.oye@case.edu or 216-368-5309

Digital Case

  • Digital Case, the repository for the university's intellectual property, has forms & policies on its site, as well as RSS feeds for updates on the collections, and Q&A on contributing your work.

Thomas Hayes, Head of Digital Library Systems, Kelvin Smith Library
thomas.hayes@case.edu or 216-368-6513

Contact Digital Case staff at digital.case@case.edu or 216-368-6513

NIH Public Access Policy

NIH Compliance: Virginia Saha, Director, Cleveland Health Sciences Library
virginia.saha@case.edu or 216-368-3436

Text Markup and Metadata

  • Learn more about encoding texts for digital publishing with free CaseLearns classes that introduce you to hands-on experience with encoding texts. More information on TEI, the Text Encoding Initiative is also available from KSL.

Richard Wisneski, Head of Bibliographic and Metadata Services, Kelvin Smith Library
richard.wisneski@case.edu or 216-368-6599

Case Office of General Counsel

  • Library staff members provide help, information, and activities for these related copyright & publishing issues, while also collaborating with the Case Office of General Counsel.
  • In agreement with Counsel, these named contacts provide the primary assistance for your questions and comments, and we will refer you to Counsel, as appropriate.

Office of General Counsel, Adelbert Hall #311, 216-368-4286


Kelvin Smith Library | 11055 Euclid Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44106-7151 | 216-368-3506