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Authors Guild copyright infringement case has come to an end (January 8, 2015) with a Second Circuit Court judgment that the  research libraries group known as HathiTrust did not infringe copyright via its digitization efforts. The creation of a full-text database for searching capabilities and access for disabled individuals was determined to be a transformative use; the question of HathiTrust replacement or preservation copies by libraries wass affirmed as a right in Section 108 of the Constitution.

The 8 1/2-year saga of Google Book Settlement/Amended Settlement Agreement nears its end.

Once on opposing sides, the American publishers and Google have come to terms in this long-running case, with the Association of American Publisers and Google acknowledging the rights & interest of copyright holders and allowing American publishers to remove their copyrighted books and journals or to decide to make them available for continued sales. No financial details were revealed. Google agreed to provide access to copyrighted books and journals in the Google Library Project for publishers that choose not to opt out, thereby increasing ebook access.  Snippets of books will remain in the Google book search resutls. The book digitization project, however, is still in litigation with authors and Google.

Coming to terms, the publishers emphasized the changing nature of e-publishing and consumer preferences, which allowed the settlement.  Also, since the two parties came to their own agreement, it's effective without  federal Judge Denny Chin's aproval. Authors, through the Authors Guild, still are in litigation over copyright infringement and a class-action suit on behalf of U.S. (only) authors.

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  • EDUCAUSE Live, Sept.2, 2009: Google Book Scanning Project, Issues & Updates, with Dan Clancy, Director, Google Book Search & Jonathan Band, Counsel, Library Copyright Alliance. Sept.2, 2009: Archived webcast; overview.

General Awareness from a variety of sources:

Center for Intellectual Property-Exploring Copyright, Promoting Integrity, Imagining Digital Futures in Education News, current issues, videos, and a copyright member community. University Maryland University College.

Center for Social Media  Wide variety, brief copyright items, best practices, fair usfocus on  media in education. Videos of presentations, speeches, and more. New: Codes of Fair Use for Poetry, Media Studies publishing, Teaching for Film & Media Educators, crafted by relevant associations. School of Communication, American University.

PIJIP, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property American University, Washington College of Law. Events in DC,  news & publications & projects related to rights and legal changes, webcasts & media archives.

CIS (Center for Internet and Society) Blog on evolving copyright in sci-tech environment. Stanford Law School

Copyright Litigation Blog Litigation news with a focus on art & contemporary issues. Ray Dowd, NYC lawyer, author of copyright litigation books.

Fair Use Challenges in Academic and Research Libraries Report from ARL, Association of Research Libraries. Interviews with research librarians about fair use in academics,  project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Dec. 2010.

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