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We want to hear what you have to say. Use the forms below to suggest a purchase, ask a reference question or send a comment on anything about Kelvin Smith Library, it's services or resources.

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We're always interested in what interests you, and these forms make it easy to send us your comments & questions.  Thanks for taking the time to Talk With Us!

Contact us FAQ

How do I request that a book (journal, DVD, etc) be purchased for the library?
Choose the "Talk With Us" menu and select the "Suggestion for Purchase" item. The more detailed information you give us about your purchase suggestion the easier it will be to follow up with your request.
I have a complaint. Whom do I talk to?
Any staff member at the Main Service Desk or the Reference Desk will try to resolve your concern. If they are not able to do so, they will refer you to the appropriate library manager for further attention. You can also send a written comment to the library by choosing the "Talk with Us" menu and selecting "Contact Us." Written comments are handled promptly, usually within one or two business days.

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