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The staff at the Center for Statistics and Geospatial Data (CSGD) maintains a listserv/discussion list for GIS, intended as a forum for the exchange of ideas and a means of distribution for all kinds of related information, including but not limited to: local GIS activities and meetings, conference announcements, new publications, training courses, and the availability of new data sets and software. The list is open to all Case students, staff and faculty. It is a moderated list so new list members and postings are reviewed by the list owner in order to prevent spam.

To join do the following:

1.) Go to and click on "Special Interest Mailing Lists".

2.) Next click on

3.) Then select Subscribe, type in your e-mail address, and click SUBMIT.

4.) Shortly thereafter, you will recieve an e-mail containing a password, which you must enter to confirm your subscription.


Within 48 hours, you should receive a confirmation e-mail that you have been added to the mailing list. You can then begin to post messages and view the gisusers list archieves.

Any questions about the list or its contents can be sent to

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